I AM Breitbart

I cannot believe that AB is dead.  It makes a little bit of sense; you kind of expect such frenetic people to flash and burn kinda quickly.  So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to allow ridiculous lib MSM talking points to fester out there.  I will challenge people.  I will call out the bullshit.  Why not?  Why not stand up for what I believe?  Why be ashamed that I believe in Capitalism?  Why hide the fact that I LOVE Rush Limbaugh, in all his big, provocative glory??  NO, 30-year-old Georgetown students should not be demanding that the Catholic school they CHOOSE to attend pay for their contraceptive needs.  Stop having sex.  Or buy a condom, cheapy McCheapskate.  Or, please stop having sex.  The better to ensure lack of procreation.  I am sure that I will lose FB “friends” and piss people off.  Oh well.  Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, or if they can’t love me for who I am.  I forgive my liberal friends their obvious loss of reason and rational thought process regarding politics.  If thy can’t agree to disagree, then, well, Bye.