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A little story about Brett Kimberlin…

A little background first:  In the little town of Speedway, Indiana in 1978, Brett Kimberlin set off eight bombs over the course of several days. One of those bombs blew off the limbs of a Vietnam veteran named Carl DeLong, who committed suicide as a result of his injuries. The widow of Mr. DeLong sued and won a civil judgment against Kimberlin for $1.6 million, which he has never repaid.  Kimberlin was convicted of those crimes and as such can be labeled a domestic terrorist.  Other articles can be found here and here.

Terrorism is defined as: “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.” 

Given the above, I would say planting and detonating numerous bombs with no regard for human life and/or suffering certainly fits the definition.  The working theory at the time was that Kimberlin set off these explosives to cover up another murder.  According to evidence reported at Ace of Spades and many other sites, Kimberlin plotted to kill several people while being held before trial and possibly after sentencing.  Nice fella.  Also while incarcerated, Kimberlin decided to gain national attention by telling various “journalists” and authors that he had sold then Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle drugs.  This has, of course, never been substantiated.

A left-leaning author wrote a book about Kimberlin, and it can be found on Amazon, if you’re so inclined, here.

Now to bring the story around to today.  Apparently Brett Kimberlin has been quite busy since his release in 2000, after serving only 17 years of a 50 year sentence. He has been setting up “non-profit” organizations that are classified as 501(c)3 companies, which means they are tax exempt.  Riding on a lovely grant from the George Soros funded Tides Foundation, Kimberlin has been doing quite well for himself as a darling of the left.  Here are his latest tax forms, thanks to the Capital Research Center.  He has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, mostly in the form of donations from many well-known democrat players, like Barbara Streisand, the Heinz Kerry Foundation and more.  This man has made in excess of 1.8 million dollars between 2005-2010, enough to at least make some kind of payment to that poor widow from Indiana, in my opinion.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Kimberlin refuses to be forth coming about the FACT of his prior criminal convictions and has begun to harass and sue people who merely mention facts that are part of the public record.  He has filed papers in numerous courts against bloggers who dare mention his criminal past and has in fact gotten people fired through repeated harassment of their employers. Kimberlin is connected to many, many influential democratic operatives and so-called “progressive” bloggers.  His efforts to target three or four conservative bloggers who dare speak his name is intimidation at least, and in my opinion, could be construed as a direct threat given his history.  Considering even some democrats think he is a practiced liar, why is this man given any credence at all?  The answer lies in his “business” dealings.  One reason Kimberlin is loved by the lunatic left because he is involved in a movement known as “voting reform,” a movement born largely out of the 2000 election debacle.  This movement declares that electronic voting is rife with fraud, and therefore should be done away with altogether.  I’m waiting for proof of electronic voting fraud perpetrated by Republicans, at least within the past 15 years.  I’ve been searching and can only find allegations.  Granted, voter fraud is pretty hard to prove, but you’d think that since they’re giving millions of dollars to a convicted bomber they must feel they’re close to finding something; that it’s all worth it.  Right?  Right?  Bueller???  Even Democratic blogger Steve Benen feels that voter fraud is “a foolish pretense…, there’s no reason for anyone else to take it seriously.”  Although he does admit to 311 prosecuted cases of DEMOCRATS perpetrating voter fraud since 1997, but…um, shut-up.

So just to summarize to this point, (and it goes on and gets worse; see links below) this is a man who was convicted of perjury while still in high school, a man who placed numerous bombs throughout a sleepy Indiana town with no thought given to the consequences, a man – who while incarcerated – plotted to kill at least 6 people, one a US attorney, and who, a few years after his release, allegedly harasses and threatens people who simply report these facts.   The authorities have done nothing to stop or even slow this man and innocent people are being fired, threatened, and forced to move out of their homes all because this psycho goes unchecked by the media and law enforcement.

So what does it take people?  When do we finally say, enough is enough, this has gone too far and must end?  When do we realize this is bigger than some ridiculous political agenda and do the right thing?  I’m not a blogger.  This is just a fun diary of sorts that I cannot really commit to, because of other obligations.  But I never could stand a bully, and this type of infantile behavior has gone on just long enough.  It’s time to take a stand and say no.  No, you cannot shut me up; no, you cannot scare me; no, you will not move me, and no, you cannot just throw a fucking tantrum and get your way.  I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not going to shut up.  Learn to coexist, (isn’t that your thing anyway, to coexist?) or face the consequences of years of childish behavior.  Do not act like you haven’t been warned.

For much more information on Brett Kimberlin and his associates here are several links to actual bloggers, lawyers, journalists, etc. who now much more about all of this than little ‘ol me.

From Lee Stranahan


Ace of Spades

The Other McCain

Liberty Chick (who has been hit especially hard, family and friends stalked and harassed..)

Aaron Worthing

If you happen to read this and are appalled, like I was, that this actually happens in America today, then do something about it.  Don’t be silent any longer.  If you want more links, leave a comment and I’ll happily send you around the internets to learn more about the craycray.  Thanks!


I AM Breitbart

I cannot believe that AB is dead.  It makes a little bit of sense; you kind of expect such frenetic people to flash and burn kinda quickly.  So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to allow ridiculous lib MSM talking points to fester out there.  I will challenge people.  I will call out the bullshit.  Why not?  Why not stand up for what I believe?  Why be ashamed that I believe in Capitalism?  Why hide the fact that I LOVE Rush Limbaugh, in all his big, provocative glory??  NO, 30-year-old Georgetown students should not be demanding that the Catholic school they CHOOSE to attend pay for their contraceptive needs.  Stop having sex.  Or buy a condom, cheapy McCheapskate.  Or, please stop having sex.  The better to ensure lack of procreation.  I am sure that I will lose FB “friends” and piss people off.  Oh well.  Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, or if they can’t love me for who I am.  I forgive my liberal friends their obvious loss of reason and rational thought process regarding politics.  If thy can’t agree to disagree, then, well, Bye.


My sister is getting remarried.  I think I’m happy for her.  No, I know I’m happy for her, but I may not be happy for him.  I don’t know him very well; he seems like a nice man and I’m thrilled she’s dating someone age appropriate.  I just have a general feeling of unease, like it may be a trainwreck through no fault of this man.  My sister is not, or at least has not in the past been, a very genuine person.  She tends to put expectations on people that they either don’t know about or can’t possibly live up to.  I hope that is not happening in this instance.  I suppose it’s none of my business, really, so I should just wish them well.  I just need to vent, I guess.

**I’m reading back through his post and wondering why I’m being all PC about things on my blog.  This is supposed to be cathartic, like a journal, right?  Ok, then. I think my sister is a twitstick.  I can’t really say anything about how long (or not) she and this guy have been together, as B and I were together a month when he asked me to marry him, and only together 3 months when we got preggers.  But still, she’s already been through a divorce, why the rush?  They’ve been dating almost 6 months, got engaged a week ago, and want to be married by May.  My biggest concern is that she seems to be dressing this guy up alike her ex-I own a cattle ranch-boyfriend, who was completely too young for her.  (She dated this guy 10 years her junior who lived in TX, fell in love with the thought of ranching life, and seriously thought the 28 year old was ready to sign up for a pre-made family.  She has yet to let go of the cowgirl thing, owns numerous pairs of ridiculously expensive boots, has landscapes of farmland on her walls, and a faux cattle hide on her living room floor.  She lives in SC, not exactly the bastion of cowboys/dude ranches.)  Considering her track record of mismanaging expectations, I’m concerned.

Otherwise, whatever I wish you well.  But would it have been too much to ask Mom to go dress shopping with you?  Or maybe me?  Married twice and I’ve never been involved, which I think is kinda shitty.  You’re going dress shopping with your best friend, who no one in your family knows, btw, and didn’t even consider asking your mom and your sister if they wanted to have any part in preparing for this wedding.  I don’t even know if anyone in our family is IN the wedding.  She has shared more details with perfect strangers on FB than with her own family, particularly her sister.  So, yah, I’m annoyed and a little hurt.  Although, she never has been good at communicating with family or good at thinking of others, besides her daughter.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  I feel a little better.  I haven’t really been able to get this off my chest, as I’m sure my husband gets sick of hearing about all of this.

I’ve been MIA…

and it was nice.  Had a birthday, interviewed for various positions, posted like mad on facebook, I’m vehemently anti government run health care.  If they can run it like the military, as in keep their f**king hands off, then whatever, but we all know that’s impossible, so no thanks.

I could write a book on this, the health care issue, it’s what I do, what I have been educated in, what I continue to be educated about, what I grew up surrounded by… as you can see it’s endless.  I love my lib friends, who teach English or whatever, that try and “school me” on health care.  Friggin LOVE them, seriously.  They give me good, deep belly laughs and for that I am grateful. 

As time allows I will post various reasons as to why it is a bad idea to turn our entire health industry over to the government.  People may read and say things like, “but there are sooooo many uninsured!!!” or “but health care is a RIGHT!!!!”  or “people do not have access to care!!!!!”  or, my favorite, “the government can provide a more effective and efficient system!!!!!!!!”  All of these points sound solid, but are in fact talking points, which is a pretty way of saying they are all BULLSHIT.  Big, heaping, steaming, ridiculous piles of uselessness.  Unless you garden, or farm…. but I digress.  I think I’ll tackle each of these points on subsequent nights, hopefully starting this coming week, starting with the myths (lies, i.e. more bullshit) regarding the VAST NUMBERS OF UNINSURED!!!  da-da-DAAAAA…. (cue scary JAWS music). 

In closing, I’ll leave you with the best damn news I’ve heard all week.  Good night, all!


I don’t get it.  Why bother making  a promise if you’ve given yourself the right or ability to revoke or break that promise if it gets “too hard.”  Abuse and whatnot aside, what are the reasons?  “We don’t communicate.”  Really?  You’ve lost the ability and cognitive function of speech while in each others presence?  Please, that’s a f**king cop-out, you could communicate if you wanted to, or you could pay some really nice therapist to speak almost FOR you if you really needed to go that far.  But don’t try to sell me on the idea that you’re breaking a promise to each other that was most likely made before GOD because you can’t talk to one another.  Puke. 

I made the mistake of watching a Jon and Kate plus 8 show tonight, the rerun from last week, when they made the big announcement, and the whole thing is just irritating and sad.  Those poor, poor children.  What selfish assholes they have as parents.  Jon’s all “I was passive for way too long and I’m proud that I’m finally sticking up for myself”  or some happy crappy like that.  Yes, Jon.  You should be sooooo proud.  Asshat.  Next you’re going to try and tell me that Kate just became a controlling bitch sometime within the past 3-4 years?  Bullshit.  You know it and so does the rest of the world.  You married a control freak and then one day, 10 years later, after EIGHT CHILDREN, you woke up and said “damn, I’m sick of being told what to do, I’m out.”  That’s BRAVE, man.  Yep, you should be real proud of yourself.  You’re children are going to be damaged FOREVER, but hey, you stood up for yourself.  And you are what matters, right Jon? 

Kate:  Get over yourself.  You do not do everything right.  You are not always right.  The world revolved before you entered it and it will continue to revolve when you leave it.  Stop being so self-righteous, and learn how to speak lovingly to the man you married.  That should be self-explanatory, but apparently not.  Take responsibility for the damage you have caused and stop trying to lay all of this on Jon.  “He’s so angry at me.”  Who wouldn’t be?  Good Lord.

You both are disgraceful and should be MIGHTY ashamed, but that would require deep thought and introspection and that is obvioulsy asking too much.   You’ve given up after “7-8 looooong months!”  Well, break out the parade and medals.  You haven’t tried anything other than renegotiating your million dollar contracts.  I sincerely pray that your abandoned children  don’t turn out to be degenerate pricks, much like their parents. 


I really dislike divorce, can ya tell?

Lazy, hazy days…

It’s another HOT day down here.  Summer in the south, whaddaya expect?  Had a nice weekend, took the fam to the pool yesterday and then went to

Mom’s and had a little cookout.  I love summer.  I’d love it a bit more if it was about 5-10 degrees cooler, but I should be thankful to be healthy and whole and have time to spend with my family.  No gripes today people, stuck on joys.  If something really gets to me later, I’ll pass it along.  😉

Another WTF moment

Legendary movie star Britney Spears is going to (possibly) be starring in a movie set during the holocaust.  (insert horrified WTF!!! here)  Miss Spears’ character will travel back in time and fall in love with an imprisoned Jew, after which they will miraculously escape the Nazis by traveling forward in time.  (insert puzzled WTF here)  I don’t know about you, but I see Oscar written ALL over this one.

Uh…. I’m a uh… different kind of uh…politician…

So , the One has signed an executive order to indefinitely detain some Gitmo prisoners.  Hope and change!!  Hahahahaha, oh this is too hilarious.  Oh, the poor fools who actually believed this guy during the campaign.  Politicians lie, people.  That’s what they do.  It’s not about you, it’s NEVER about you.  It can’t be about you because then they can’t tell themselves they have all the power.

Cap and Tax passes the House. We’re doomed…

Thanks eight a-hole republicans who don’t really care about our economy or the earth for that matter.  Really guys?  Really?  So you have the power to “heal the earth” all by yourselves, huh?  Amazing.  I’m sure your affirmative votes have nothing to do with any promises of special projects in your districts or anything underhanded like that.  You’re so selfless, so altruistic in your decision, it’s surprising God himself doesn’t reach down and canonize you on the spot. 

This is why I no longer identify with either party, they are both so self-obsessed and greedy it’s disgusting.  Hey economists, still think we’re headed for a recovery?  It would be hysterical if it wasn’t so f**king sad

Sooo…my new blog.

I have to say that this feels a bit narcissistic.  I know, I know, it’s like a journal, but I think my journal thoughts were/are a wee too personal for publication.  I don’t really have a plan, or an outline for this little site of mine, it’ll probably be just a place to come and post gripes, joys, and links I find informative.  Possibly a recipe or two.  You can never have too many recipes, or if you abhor organized cooking, then you can never have too many ideas for new dishes.  How’s that?  So off we go.