My sister is getting remarried.  I think I’m happy for her.  No, I know I’m happy for her, but I may not be happy for him.  I don’t know him very well; he seems like a nice man and I’m thrilled she’s dating someone age appropriate.  I just have a general feeling of unease, like it may be a trainwreck through no fault of this man.  My sister is not, or at least has not in the past been, a very genuine person.  She tends to put expectations on people that they either don’t know about or can’t possibly live up to.  I hope that is not happening in this instance.  I suppose it’s none of my business, really, so I should just wish them well.  I just need to vent, I guess.

**I’m reading back through his post and wondering why I’m being all PC about things on my blog.  This is supposed to be cathartic, like a journal, right?  Ok, then. I think my sister is a twitstick.  I can’t really say anything about how long (or not) she and this guy have been together, as B and I were together a month when he asked me to marry him, and only together 3 months when we got preggers.  But still, she’s already been through a divorce, why the rush?  They’ve been dating almost 6 months, got engaged a week ago, and want to be married by May.  My biggest concern is that she seems to be dressing this guy up alike her ex-I own a cattle ranch-boyfriend, who was completely too young for her.  (She dated this guy 10 years her junior who lived in TX, fell in love with the thought of ranching life, and seriously thought the 28 year old was ready to sign up for a pre-made family.  She has yet to let go of the cowgirl thing, owns numerous pairs of ridiculously expensive boots, has landscapes of farmland on her walls, and a faux cattle hide on her living room floor.  She lives in SC, not exactly the bastion of cowboys/dude ranches.)  Considering her track record of mismanaging expectations, I’m concerned.

Otherwise, whatever I wish you well.  But would it have been too much to ask Mom to go dress shopping with you?  Or maybe me?  Married twice and I’ve never been involved, which I think is kinda shitty.  You’re going dress shopping with your best friend, who no one in your family knows, btw, and didn’t even consider asking your mom and your sister if they wanted to have any part in preparing for this wedding.  I don’t even know if anyone in our family is IN the wedding.  She has shared more details with perfect strangers on FB than with her own family, particularly her sister.  So, yah, I’m annoyed and a little hurt.  Although, she never has been good at communicating with family or good at thinking of others, besides her daughter.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  I feel a little better.  I haven’t really been able to get this off my chest, as I’m sure my husband gets sick of hearing about all of this.


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