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I’ve been MIA…

and it was nice.  Had a birthday, interviewed for various positions, posted like mad on facebook, I’m vehemently anti government run health care.  If they can run it like the military, as in keep their f**king hands off, then whatever, but we all know that’s impossible, so no thanks.

I could write a book on this, the health care issue, it’s what I do, what I have been educated in, what I continue to be educated about, what I grew up surrounded by… as you can see it’s endless.  I love my lib friends, who teach English or whatever, that try and “school me” on health care.  Friggin LOVE them, seriously.  They give me good, deep belly laughs and for that I am grateful. 

As time allows I will post various reasons as to why it is a bad idea to turn our entire health industry over to the government.  People may read and say things like, “but there are sooooo many uninsured!!!” or “but health care is a RIGHT!!!!”  or “people do not have access to care!!!!!”  or, my favorite, “the government can provide a more effective and efficient system!!!!!!!!”  All of these points sound solid, but are in fact talking points, which is a pretty way of saying they are all BULLSHIT.  Big, heaping, steaming, ridiculous piles of uselessness.  Unless you garden, or farm…. but I digress.  I think I’ll tackle each of these points on subsequent nights, hopefully starting this coming week, starting with the myths (lies, i.e. more bullshit) regarding the VAST NUMBERS OF UNINSURED!!!  da-da-DAAAAA…. (cue scary JAWS music). 

In closing, I’ll leave you with the best damn news I’ve heard all week.  Good night, all!


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