I don’t get it.  Why bother making  a promise if you’ve given yourself the right or ability to revoke or break that promise if it gets “too hard.”  Abuse and whatnot aside, what are the reasons?  “We don’t communicate.”  Really?  You’ve lost the ability and cognitive function of speech while in each others presence?  Please, that’s a f**king cop-out, you could communicate if you wanted to, or you could pay some really nice therapist to speak almost FOR you if you really needed to go that far.  But don’t try to sell me on the idea that you’re breaking a promise to each other that was most likely made before GOD because you can’t talk to one another.  Puke. 

I made the mistake of watching a Jon and Kate plus 8 show tonight, the rerun from last week, when they made the big announcement, and the whole thing is just irritating and sad.  Those poor, poor children.  What selfish assholes they have as parents.  Jon’s all “I was passive for way too long and I’m proud that I’m finally sticking up for myself”  or some happy crappy like that.  Yes, Jon.  You should be sooooo proud.  Asshat.  Next you’re going to try and tell me that Kate just became a controlling bitch sometime within the past 3-4 years?  Bullshit.  You know it and so does the rest of the world.  You married a control freak and then one day, 10 years later, after EIGHT CHILDREN, you woke up and said “damn, I’m sick of being told what to do, I’m out.”  That’s BRAVE, man.  Yep, you should be real proud of yourself.  You’re children are going to be damaged FOREVER, but hey, you stood up for yourself.  And you are what matters, right Jon? 

Kate:  Get over yourself.  You do not do everything right.  You are not always right.  The world revolved before you entered it and it will continue to revolve when you leave it.  Stop being so self-righteous, and learn how to speak lovingly to the man you married.  That should be self-explanatory, but apparently not.  Take responsibility for the damage you have caused and stop trying to lay all of this on Jon.  “He’s so angry at me.”  Who wouldn’t be?  Good Lord.

You both are disgraceful and should be MIGHTY ashamed, but that would require deep thought and introspection and that is obvioulsy asking too much.   You’ve given up after “7-8 looooong months!”  Well, break out the parade and medals.  You haven’t tried anything other than renegotiating your million dollar contracts.  I sincerely pray that your abandoned children  don’t turn out to be degenerate pricks, much like their parents. 


I really dislike divorce, can ya tell?


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